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Hello Vision delivers access to the most innovative US startups and the latest technology trends identified by Orange Silicon Valley’s team of experts.

With 20 years in San Francisco, 2 years in New York City, and 20 industry experts in the US tech ecosystems, Orange Silicon Valley created Hello Vision as a co-innovation program where companies receive over 100 demos, presentations, market analyses, and startup introductions across four thematic councils.

For a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, Hello Vision accelerates digital transformation by combining the innovation and agility of Silicon Valley startups with the scalability and reliability of Orange Business Services.




Whether its introduction to our startup ecosystem, research from our business partners or access to our networking events, let’s partner together on your digital transformation journey.

Thematic Councils

Choose from 7 different councils and themes that will shape tomorrow’s business world.

Wafa Alnasayan
Cybersecurity Council Lead


Cybersecurity is a foundational technology that affects every company in every industry. Our Council brings together innovators across the information security spectrum and explores the impact of technologies such as AI/ML, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing on the world of cybersecurity and privacy.

Council lead

Wafa Alnasayan leads the cybersecurity sector at Orange Silicon Valley. She has a wide range of experience working on numerous projects including security strategy, threat investigations, vulnerability assessments, policy reviews, M&A cyber due diligence, and security awareness. Wafa holds a Masters’ degree in Information Security Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Wilson Lau
Future of Work Council Lead

Future of Work

The nature of our work is rapidly changing. Technology breakthroughs in data science and AI greatly expand the curve of possibilities for all businesses. In this council, we collectively explore innovative technology, like automation, and study business cases to understand how to shape the future of work.

Council lead

Wilson Lau is an open-minded engineer who is obsessed with applying engineering mindset in business innovation. He enjoys solving business challenges leveraging outside-the-box thinking and breakthrough technologies. He is committed to make the future of work more productive and enjoyable for humans.

David Martin
Retail Tech Council Lead

Retail Tech

Emotion will be the new Net Promoter Score (NPS). Soon retailers will collect data on individual consumers and how they feel interacting with sales staff, stores, and merchandise.  Our council builds on emotion-based projects and how they improve/ optimize consumer store experiences.

Council lead

David Martin believes that people buy products that reflect who they are today and who they aspire to be tomorrow. His professional background blends product management, international markets, and emerging technologies and he built several “first-of-a-kind” consumer experiences that are mainstream today. David has an MBA from UC Berkeley.

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