Smart ecosystems

Smart ecosystems

Emerging digital technologies are changing the way we live in our cities and communities. The race is on to re-think services in our cities while dramatically reducing our impact on the environment — and to do so during a pandemic that continues to hurt our communities and our economies.

Smart ecosystems are the application of a set of emerging technologies aimed at adding intelligence to our buildings, stadiums, parks, and cities. A primary focus is advanced applications of AI (such as data analytics and computer vision); connectivity (such as 5G, IoT, and fiber); and collaboration (such as architecture, tools, and SaaS).

Primary smart ecosystem topic areas covered at Orange Silicon Valley include:

  • AI, intelligent video analytics (IVA), and computer vision
  • Smart cities
  • Smart buildings, smart stadiums, and smart airports
  • 5G, low-power wide area networks (LP-WAN), and fiber-based connectivity
  • COVID-tech and public safety/emergency preparedness
  • Silicon Valley general interest

Digital transformation will continue its accelerated pace. How will businesses and governments adapt to address their customers’ needs?

Lead analyst

Arpan Soparkar
Analyst, Business Group

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