Tomorrow’s Innovation Landscape Today: The 2021 Hello Show

By Douglas Cramer | October 1, 2021

How are today’s technological innovations changing our world, and what does the future hold? With so much change occurring, which disruptive innovations do CEOs and organizational leaders need to be following? What opportunities will arise as these innovations take hold and deepen their relationships with each other and the broader digital ecosystem — and what threats?

From October 5–7, a select group of leading analysts, executives, innovators, investors, and thinkers is gathering virtually for a compelling three days of discussions, presentations, and talks structured to give executives and other leaders answers to these critical questions. At the 2021 Hello Show by Orange Silicon Valley, attendees will be able to listen and learn from a selection of the best minds grappling with exactly how today’s innovations in the U.S. technology landscape are shaping the tomorrow that is rapidly approaching.

Day 1: The View to the Stars

The summit begins on Monday by looking at innovations five years in the future, starting with a pair of presentations from visionary Orange Group leaders. Hugues Foulon, Executive Director of Strategy and Cybersecurity for the Orange Group, addresses the future of cybersecurity while Gabriel Sidhom, COO and Interim CEO of Orange Silicon Valley, focuses on the most significant technological paradigm shifts underway and what corporate leaders must understand in order to prepare.

The day continues with six additional sessions that capture the scope of the coming changes and the implications, covering AI, the Metaverse, the future of the internet, Space infrastructure, data monetization, and more. The first session is Disrupt Disruption, a deep dive by Pascal Finette — co-founder of be radical and former leader at, Mozilla, and eBay — drawing on dozens of exclusive interviews with category-defining innovators and leaders of organizations that have weathered paradigm shifts in their industries. Later, Jeff Herbst discusses his nurturing of the new generation of technology startups working with AI and data science techniques driving global change. Following a distinguished twenty-year career leading business and corporate development at NVIDIA, Jeff recently co-founded GFT Ventures and talks about what he’s investing in and why you should care with Wall Street Journal reporter Eliot Brown.

Day 2: The View to the Horizon

On the second day of the summit, domain experts focus on innovations that are only 12–18 months away from having a major impact. In a series of panels and talks, attendees can access discussions and presentations assessing the building changes in such realms as immersive learning, decentralized identity, digital twins, geo-collaboration, sustainability in the digital ecosystem, and more.

Following a keynote from Orange’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Michaël Trabbia, a dynamic panel dives into the ways that the Digital Twin concept is influencing innovation in clean cities, the Metaverse, and the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. David Weir-McCall of Epic Games, Michael Jansen of Cityzenith, and Prith Banerjee of Ansys explore the wide-ranging business implications of the idea and of associated tools that map data about the real world — often updated in real-time by sensors — onto mathematical models that are frequently represented in an understandable 3D form. Afterwards, four more sessions follow, looking at the future of remote work and how it is transforming enterprise; the rising importance of sustainability and social responsibility for corporations; the power of real-time geo-location collaboration for crisis response; and finally, the emerging world of decentralized or self-sovereign identity with Daniel Buchner, Senior PM Decentralized Identity for Microsoft.

Day 3: The View Today

The summit concludes with a final day looking at innovations that are actionable right now — especially for our customers and large corporations. Technological innovations now breaking through to a position of dominance are disrupting norms, ecosystems, and industries and are bound together with both opportunities and threats of major significance for leaders.

After Helmut Reisinger, CEO of Orange Business Services, sets the day’s tone in his keynote presentation, three sessions address areas of critical leadership concern — remote staff and work in a post-pandemic world; ransomware and what to do if your enterprise has been compromised; and how new technology platforms like APIs and blockchain can solve issues with carbon markets and responsible supply chain management. In his session No More Yelling in the Boardroom: How Companies Misunderstood Ransomware Response, GroupSense CEO Kurtis Minder adds to the day’s practical value by explaining his work assisting affected companies in negotiations with hackers to restore their operations back to normal. Kurtis, in a detailed profile published in the June issue of The New Yorker, emphasized the people skills needed for ransomware negotiation: “Most of our employees are really technical, and this isn’t a technical skill—it’s a soft skill … It’s hard to train people for it.”

The Hello Show 2021 by Orange Silicon Valley promises to be a unique and exciting solution for executives and leaders whose work requires them to always be prepared to respond to change driven by technology — especially change that opens new opportunities for organizational growth and transformation. Register now to guarantee that you are not left out of the cutting-edge conversations today about the transformational innovations coming tomorrow.