Orange Silicon Valley Gets ‘Meta’ at SXSW

By Dharma Gutierrez | March 30, 2022

“Come for the drinks, stay for the VR.”

On Saturday March 12th, Orange Silicon Valley hosted a special Happy Hour at SXSW, located in downtown Austin. Guests were offered drinks and the opportunity to test Orange’s very own Eternal Notre-Dame VR Experience, a one-of-a-kind virtual reality tour inside Paris’s Notre-Dame cathedral.

As the cornerstone between tech and culture, SXSW provided the perfect setting for Orange Silicon Valley to present its latest innovations. Turnout was a success, with over 200 guests visiting Orange’s first event at SXSW.

The Eternal Notre-Dame VR Experience

Orange’s Eternal Notre-Dame VR Experience was created in partnership with the Diocèse de Paris, the public establishment dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the original Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral. The project was born following the cathedral’s devastating fire on 15 April 2019. Since, The Orange Group has sought to help in the building’s restoration by contributing resources and other technical innovations. According to Orange’s press release, 30% of proceeds made by the VR tour will be dedicated to funding the cathedral’s restoration.

During SXSW,  guests testing the experience were not only able to witness a detailed recreation of the iconic cathedral, but also learn about the building’s secrets, historical events and the key protagonists that marked its history.

Orange’s Eternal Notre-Dame VR Experience showcases the company’s advancement in virtual reality. Aside from its detailed immersive-ness, Orange’s VR Experience breaks ground when it comes to equipment; Orange’s VR headset functions on wireless cloud network, meaning users can test the Orange’s VR without requiring additional and heavier equipment, which is the case for most other VR systems.

Following the successful turnout, Orange Silicon Valley looks forward to participating in more similar events.