Hello Show 2022 Day 2: Tomorrow’s Applications

Tomorrow's Applications

Day two encapsulates tomorrow’s applications with a deep dive into the metaverse and the latest in high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) disruption, with speakers that include Philippe Ensarguet, CTO, Orange Business Services; Greg Jones, Director, Global Business, NVIDIA; Scott Summit, Founder, Ethereal Matter; and Krasi Nikolov, CEO, QuarkXR.

It’s time! Orange Silicon Valley’s annual Hello Show from November 15-17 brings together top executives, thought leaders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs for three half-days of technology, innovation, and exploration. Join Orange leaders Christel Heydemann, Hugues Foulon, Philippe Ensarguet, and Michaël Trabbia plus notable guest speakers like Director of Global Business at NVIDIA Greg Jones, CEO & Founder of Pollen Anthony Levandowski, and Head of Wireless Innovation at DISH Network Chris Ergen.

Sessions: Day 2

Session 1

Keynote with Philippe Ensarguet, Orange Business Services CTO

Coming soon.

Session 2

Panel discussion: Making the metaverse a reality — enabling technologies, tools, and platforms

The metaverse is expected to be an expansive network of virtual and augmented worlds facilitated by VR and AR devices — the next generation of the internet that people can “live” in. This trend encompasses several cutting-edge technologies, including advanced network connectivity; cloud and edge computing; Web3; 3D rendering; AI; and human-centric interfaces. In this panel, we will explore the enabling technologies, tools, and platforms from leading metaverse builders such as Nvidia and QuarkXR.

Session 3

Debate: Is the metaverse a fad or the next mass market opportunity?

The metaverse has attracted much attention and seen heavy investments from leading technology providers and brands. Since the original term was coined in science fiction, there has been an ongoing debate on what exactly “metaverse” means and how far it is from becoming reality. In this session, we will explore and examine in-depth some common questions about the metaverse, such as whether it represents real opportunities; where we are now; and what the key challenges are to it being fully manifested.

Session 4

Virtual reality and fitness: How the metaverse will improve health?

As gaming has evolved, developers have incorporated virtual reality (VR) to enhance experiences. One vertical where gaming and VR have taken off is fitness — as evidenced by Meta’s proposed acquisition of gaming studio Within, maker of the VR fitness app Supernatural. In this 30-minute session, Scott Summit, founder of Ethereal Matter, will discuss how gaming can reinvent fitness, immersing the user in an entire physical world, delivered virtually. On the Ethereal platform, you may fly above the hills of Tuscany or glide across the frozen floor of a canyon. Scott will show how Ethereal Matter’s platform can bring people together from many far-flung locales, as multiplayer virtual experiences are transformed into a new form of travel. It is expected to be especially appealing to young gamers and could also be a valuable tool to those in physical therapy regimens. After Scott’s presentation and demonstration of the Ethereal experience, Orange Silicon Valley Principal Katy Hunt will moderate a Q&A and present questions from the audience.

Session 5

Fireside chat: Responsible AI

Coming soon.

Session 6

Panel: Energy efficient high-performance computing — software defined infrastructure and dynamic density control

In this panel, we will discuss Composable Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI) with High Density Dynamic Cooling (HDDC). These technologies will deliver the next generation of full stack, software defined high-performance computing (HPC) data centers that are energy efficient. Orange Business Services and Orange Silicon Valley collaborated with Liqid and ScaleMatrix to design this solution. Enterprises will soon be able to rapidly deploy and efficiently manage multi-megawatt HPC clusters with high cooling efficiency even in remote and harsh environments. Our panelists will cover the implications of this solution for the future of sustainable HPC.

Session 7

Panel: State-of-the-art in conversational services

Coming soon.

Speakers: Day 2

Jeff Rogers, Host

What do Stanford, MIT, and The Second City have in common? Jeff Rogers! 

Jeff is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author, an award-winning Television & Live Event Host, and sought-after public speaker with 25+ years of experience engaging and delighting audiences. Jeff uses curiosity and humor to thread together engaging moments into an impactful and successful event. He has studied Design Thinking at Stanford and MIT. 

Corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Major League Baseball, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Red Hat, ConvergeOne, Forsythe, Motorola Solutions, RedHat, SUN, Pepsi, 7UP, GM, Ford, Chrysler, International, Waste Management, Bank of America, CNA, Chase, and Discover Card, just to name a few.  Jeff’s latest book is the Amazon and international bestseller: The Playmaker Mindset, which explores the intersection of Innovation and Mission. He is an alumnus of The Second City, where he performed with Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Tina Fey, and countless others. He is also an owner of The Players Workshop, the oldest school of improvisation in the country, home to alumni Bill Murray, Bonnie Hunt, Harold Ramis, Amy Sedaris, Matt Walsh, and many more.  

Philippe Ensarguet

Chief Technology Officer, Orange Business Services

Awarded 2021 Trailblazer CTO of the year, Philippe is leading the network native to digital technology vision and strategy for Orange Business Services. Pro-software cultured, cloud minded and digital addicted, he brings expertise and leadership to technology specialists and executives in their transformations or innovations. With a unique 360° viewpoint on stacks, practices, tools, and on cultural transformations, he studies trends and works on future associated disruptions to understand their impacts, risks, shifts, and opportunities. He sets up the tech programs transformations and he ensures synergies to define corporate orientations and guidelines. Heavily connected to the tech ecosystems, he shares his experiences and feedback with customers, partners or students through conferences, keynotes, or dedicated sessions. With a deep understanding of partners and the Open Source ecosystems, he is strongly implied in scouting to identify the most strategic and disruptive partners. Philippe is board advisor for two startups in tech, Cycloid and Weaveworks, for which he acts in mentoring, roadmap orientation, market understanding and ensuring connections to the ecosystem.

Stephen Foskett

Moderator, Tech Field Day

Stephen Foskett is an active participant in the world of enterprise information technology, currently focusing on enterprise storage, server virtualization, networking, and cloud computing. He organizes the popular Tech Field Day event series for Gestalt IT and runs Foskett Services. A long-time voice in the storage industry, Stephen has authored numerous articles for industry publications, and is a popular presenter at industry events. He can be found online at TechFieldDay.com, blog.FoskettS.net, and on Twitter at @SFoskett.

Gregory Jones

Director, Global Business Development and Product Management for XR, NVIDIA

Greg Jones is the director of global business development for XR and product manager of XR at NVIDIA. He and the product management team focus on defining products, partnerships, and projects that use NVIDIA’s professional XR products to bring the benefits of real-time, immersive rendering to enterprise environments and help propel the immersive ecosystem forward. Before coming to NVIDIA, Greg was the associate director of a 200-person academic research institute focused on scientific computing, image analysis, computer graphics, and data visualization at the University of Utah.

Krasi Nikolov

CEO & Co-Founder, QuarkXR

Krasi has been in the XR industry since 2014 when he co-created Intugame, an app which enables you to play PC games in VR on a cheap phone. He has a Master’s in AI and 10 years of experience developing Enterprise and Cloud applications.

Sumit Puri

Chief Executive Officer, Liqid Inc.

Sumit Puri is CEO and Cofounder at Liqid. An industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, Sumit has been focused on defining the technology roadmaps for key industry leaders including Avago, SandForce, LSI, and Toshiba. Sumit has a long history of bringing successful products to market with numerous teams and large-scale organizations.

Yogesh Singh

Digital Business Consultant, Orange

Yogesh Singh is a Digital Business Consultant with International Business Innovation Group (OBS) focused on helping enterprises to digitally transform and innovate. This includes topics such as creating a digital strategic vision, managing innovation, assessing digital maturity, how digital disrupts leadership, and how enterprise’s culture change to enable digital business transformation.

Mr. Singh has more than 21 years of engagements with clients globally on technology topics such as WAN transformation, Data Center Infrastructure, Networking & Cloud Connectivity.

Scott Summit

Founder, Ethereal Matter Inc

I explore the intersection between the body, human needs, and technology. I founded Ethereal Matter to explore how new, immersive technologies can be harnessed to combat the negative impacts brought about by our increasingly digital lifestyles. While improved gaming invited the unintended result of a sedentary lifestyle, gamification is not as much a cause, but an opportunity squandered. Advances in immersive, interactive motion control — combined with gamified virtual sports — offer an enticing new world of sports and fitness. And this new paradigm will be inclusive, non-judgmental, personalized, and optimized in ways never before imagined.