Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), or Extended Reality (XR) in general — this is the fourth wave of computing, following mainframes and PCs, smartphones, and the Internet. These immersive technologies and new digital tools enable new experiences, which already impact our daily lives and work, change the way we communicate and collaborate, and transform the workplace.

MR/XR helps bridge the gap of the digital divide; it is disrupting both consumer and enterprise sectors and has been adopted by individuals and businesses for their corresponding needs. This adoption was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is a game changer that has unexpectedly boosted the demand for XR to the highest level ever as it becomes a necessary tool.

At Orange Silicon Valley, we anticipate MR/XR trends that cover:

  • Hardware / Human Interface
  • Software and Component Development
  • User Experience
  • Responsible Design and Adaptation Strategies
  • Infrastructure Innovation (5G, Cloud, and MR/XR)
  • Applicable Use Cases (B2B, B2C, Consumer, and B2B2C)
  • Partners and Startup Ecosystem
  • Market Data and Trending Analysis

AR/VR/MR is a transformative technology, providing new human interfaces together with 3D and spatial computing capabilities. It is one of the best tools for Metaverse development and an enabler to experience the Metaverse, as it is more human centered in the virtual worlds and appeals to highly engaged users.

Lead analysts

James Li
Principal, Technology Group

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Thomas Huitric
Analyst, Technology Group

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Wilson Lau
Principal, Business Group

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