Future networks and cloud telcos

Future networks and cloud telcos

Our Future Networks and Edge team at Orange Silicon Valley explores emerging technologies, products, and solutions in the networking space. These range from fixed networks to wireless and mobile networks.

The ongoing softwarization of telecommunications technology has made networks very agile, requiring minimum infrastructure. This has occurred against a backdrop of complementing technology trends, including the use of cloud-native technologies by operators, the virtualization of 5G networks, the widespread implementation of AI-based solutions, and the recent availability of unlicensed CBRS spectrum. In addition, the virtualization of RAN technology has led to a reduction in capex and opex costs, as well as the emergence of new services.

All together, these technologies and trends have created an unprecedented opportunity for the adoption of private mobile networks and edge computing in enterprise environments, including Industry 4.0 settings. We work closely with early-stage startups as we look to unlock potential market and technology opportunities.

Related work by Orange Silicon Valley

  • Smart Edge Solution: An integrated, optimized software platform for supporting edge applications and leveraging 4G/5G private mobile networks, well-suited for the enterprise and applicable to a wide range of verticals. The Smart Edge platform can deliver performant and efficient solutions for IoT, AI, analytics, security/SASE, SD-WAN.  In collaboration with Orange Business Services, Intel, and Computacenter.

  • Private Mobile Networks-in-a-box: Build a private cellular 4G/5G network for your enterprise in minutes. Leveraging FreedomFi’s open-software cloud-native architecture and commodity radio hardware in a highly affordable way and riding the CBRS wave.

  • Orange eSIM and KYC Solution: We contributed towards validating Orange eSIM and KYC solutions for the consumer market in the US. Travelers (consumers) from the US visiting countries can use the Orange Mobile Network to pay, validate identity, and download eSIM plans any time before they arrive at their destination. At OSV, we are interested in adopting this solution for Enterprise market and Industry 4.0.

  • Edge Compute and Private Mobile Networks: Worked with Affirmed Networks, Metaswitch, Microsoft Azure and ASOCS in building mobile private network in a box focused on Industry 4.0 applications. Solution is based on cloud native implementation of 3GPP standards defined 5G Next Generation Core along with private Azure stack edge for delivering low latency and local data processing for the latency sensitive applications. Exploring different edge services such as video analytics using computer vision, location services, and secure and reliable IoT connectivity in buildings and hospitals.

  • Seamless Roaming between 4G and Wi-Fi: Built solution with vendor partnership for seamless roaming between 4G and Wi-Fi.  Benefits include data offload, better coverage inside buildings, low cost for services, spectrum available for other use, lower roaming price, and provide geo-lock content to roaming users.

Lead analysts

Manoj Mourya
Principal, Technology Group

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Christos Kolias
Principal, Technology Group

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Senthil Jaganathan
Principal, Technology Group

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Katy Hunt
Principal, Business Group

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