Emerging wireless and new space

Emerging wireless and new space

New space

The advent of new launch and device technologies is bringing lower cost satellite deployment to space along with compelling new services. Not only is this relevant for remote regions where connectivity is very limited, but also for mobile applications like Internet of Things (IoT) tracking and in-flight (or at-sea) internet connectivity. Lower cost connectivity in previously unconnected areas can change the way we think about monitoring and responsibly using earth’s resources.

Primary new space topic areas covered at Orange Silicon Valley include new satellite constellations, including LEO and MEO, to offer:

  • High speed broadband internet connectivity to remote and unconnected locations
  • Low cost mobile IoT connectivity
  • Backhaul connectivity
  • In-space transport connectivity for low latency long distance links

Lead analyst

John Benko
Principal, Technology Group

Please contact John to explore opportunities for partnership involving new space.

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