Cloud and IT services

Cloud and IT services

Software has been changing the entire landscape of IT infrastructure — it has impacted all layers and is breaking all technical and business silos within the enterprise, one by one. Cloud is the result of bringing new software practices and delivery models to what used to be the traditional legacy IT.

This deep and wide wave of change brings with it the complex capabilities behind APIs for complete automation and programmability of both technical and business processes. The infrastructure can be virtually anywhere, from the edge to multi-regional data centers. The products and services can change at the speed of the development teams and new feature requests from customers. Realtime data is fueling continuous improvement feedback loops and observability forensics for root cause analysis. In the most extreme use cases, the machines take over thanks to the use of AI/MLOps or GitOps practices.

Some of the areas Orange Silicon Valley covers related to Cloud include:

  • Public clouds and cloud services on the US market
  • Cloud Native, Kubernetes, and the open source and CNCF ecosystems
  • Multi-cloud and edge application deployments and management
  • Digital transformation through DevOps and GitOps
  • Cost optimization with FinOps
  • Use of AIOps and MLOps for operations, and providing infrastructure for AI and ML
  • LowCode/NoCode practices to lower the barrier to the cloud
  • Observability solutions to enable SRE practices
  • Underlying infrastructure, the edge, and data centers

"The most important technology has been cloud native, because today it is the way to implement 5G, the edge, AI — most of the workload. By transferring the company onto cloud-native systems you carry all the transformation, which is absolutely not only technical: it’s about the culture, it’s about the mindset, it’s about the skill set, which makes it very, very challenging."

Philippe Ensarguet, Orange Business Services CTO (voted CTO of the Year by the Trailblazer CTO of the Year Award 2021)