AI April

Join us for two exploratory live panels where we will discuss the role of AI in society; how AI-based technologies are shaping society’s ability to respond to real-world challenges with unprecedented efficiency; and global safety and ethics issues society is facing as this technology rapidly advances.

AI April event

Smart nations: Empowering citizens with AI sensory networks. Replay available!

As AI technologies continue to rapidly advance, their impact on society is becoming increasingly profound. The development and deployment of AI must be guided by ethical considerations and a commitment to social responsibility. Our panelists will explore the potential of AI at the edge, advanced video analytics, and large language models to revolutionize the way we analyze situational data in real-time.

Generative AI: Supercharging productivity. Replay available!

As the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT sparked a global hype cycle overnight, the capabilities of large models for content generation are under the spotlight. From text to code, from voice to fully animated synthetic humans, from 2D images to videos, 3D and even 4D assets, Generative AI models are poised to revolutionize the creative pipeline across industries. How will AI systems assist humans in the near future? What impact will those changes have on the creative process? How will the future of work be shaped using these tools? Join Orange Silicon Valley and a panel of AI pioneers and innovators to discuss the opportunity given by Generative AI to supercharge human productivity and creativity.

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