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The Green IT Challenge 2023

Green IT startup founders, we want to hear from you! Orange Silicon Valley is proud to kick off the Green IT Challenge 2023 to identify and partner with North American startups that work on solutions that speed up decarbonization journeys.

The finalists of the Challenge get access to a range of exciting opportunities, including: conducting paid projects with Orange or its subsidiaries; traveling to Paris (expenses paid) to meet with Senior leaders of Orange; and presenting their product solution at Europe’s major tech event in June 2023.

To learn more about selection criteria, timeline, and how to apply visit the Green IT Challenge 2023 web page .

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Hello Vision

Hello Vision delivers access to the most innovative US startups and the latest technology trends identified by Orange Silicon Valley’s team of experts.

Orange Silicon Valley created Hello Vision as a co-innovation program where companies receive demos, presentations, market analyses, and startup introductions across four thematic councils.

Hello Vision accelerates digital transformation by combining the innovation and agility of Silicon Valley startups with the scalability and reliability of Orange Business Services.

Areas of focus

Our work at Orange Silicon Valley is focused on some of the most groundbreaking areas of technical innovation today, and the power of the connections between them.